Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Glisson

This month VIPS Volunteer Spotlight nominee Linda Glisson says, ” My experience with VIPS has been an A+ on all levels!”

Now retired, I was a K-5 teacher for 31 years in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge parish and parochial schools. I have been happily married to Mike for 41 years. We have two children and two grandchildren all of whom are the loves of my life!
IIt has been my pleasure to serve in the VIPS program for over 10 years, specifically at Buchanan Elementary, a ministry of First Presbyterian Church”
In my first year as a VIPS volunteer, I worked as a Reading tutor with a First Grade student named Marvin. It was apparent that he needed remediation; it was also apparent that he was bright and eager to learn. We bonded quickly. Marvin made great strides during that year, so much so that I requested permission to tutor him during his 2nd and 3rd grades. By the end of his 3rd grade year, his oral reading and comprehension scores were well above 5th grade level. During our parting hug at the end of the year, I told Marvin that when he walked across the stage to receive his High School diploma…I would be there. 
The VIPS formula of providing one on one tutorials for at risk students plus open conversations with dedicated classroom teachers, principals, and staff equals success!
I went on to tutor many other precious young children. I think I motivated them; I know that they motivated and blessed me…