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Volunteer & Community Partners Director
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What do I need to become a Reading/Math Friend?

Understand the volunteer commitment of a Reading/Math Friend.

Commit to tutor an assigned student weekly throughout the school year. If a Reading/Math Friend carelessly drops from the program, the child usually blames himself or herself for the sudden departure. VIPS does not want to serve as another disappointment in a child’s life. We ask prospective volunteers to consider the commitment seriously before joining the program.

Although a Reading/Math Friend is required to tutor his/her student weekly, can I schedule more visits?

Weekly sessions are recommended. Consult the teacher regarding increased visits, as we do not want to interfere too frequently with classroom instruction.

Do I get to choose the school where I wish to volunteer?

Yes, there is a space on the application to name the school(s) where you wish to volunteer. However, not all elementary schools participate in the programs; some schools reach capacity before others.

Can I select the times I wish to volunteer?

The teachers determine the best available times that students may leave the classroom. VIPS match those times with the availability of the volunteer.

Does the program work?

The one-on-one time a Reading/Math Friend spends with a child demonstrates improvement on standardized tests, increased confidence in the classroom, better attitude towards school, and as noted by numerous teachers, improved classroom behavior.