Volunteer Spotlight: Phyllis McLaurin

January’s Volunteer Spotlight features Phyllis McLaurin, a six-year Reading Friend at Magnolia Woods Elementary.

After retiring from banking, a friend told Phyllis about VIPS, believing it was the perfect opportunity for her to make a difference in a child’s life. Realizing that she not only had the ability but the time to commit to tutor a child once a week, Phyllis decided to sign on as a Reading Friend. Thinking back on the beginning of her volunteer experience, Phyllis recounted, “I remember my first child. It was exciting to see how she progressed from picture books, to compound words, to using expression when she read. Now she loves books. It doesn’t take long to teach others to love books!”

Phyllis is currently witnessing a transformation in her new Reading Friend, Cristal. “Learning to read and comprehend gives children so much  self-esteem that they become confident individuals, not just smart kids.” Phyllis realizes that it’s the tutoring coupled with the encouragement that makes EveryBody Reads so impactful. “I’ve come to understand that you can make a difference in a child’s life just by being in that child’s life.”

Thank You Phyllis McLauren!