Volunteer Spotlight: Seth Richard

This month’s volunteer spotlight features Seth Richard, a Reading Friend at The Dufrocq School.

“I’ve been a Reading Friend for a month, but even within this short amount of time I’ve realized how fast you can impact someone’s life.”

As a freshman at LSU,  studying Computer Science and Engineering in the Ogden Honors College, Seth heard about VIPS through LSU’s Community Bound. Community Bound is a service program designed especially for first-year students. It works in close collaboration with the East Baton Rouge school system and VIPS to provide one day of service to public schools located in the South Baton Rouge community, near LSU.

“They told us if we enjoyed volunteering in the schools, that we should look into VIPS. It sounded like a fun way to give back to my community! Seth added, “I’m the youngest of four kids, so I didn’t really have a lot of exposure to younger kids. Being a Reading Friend gives me some insight into helping others effectively. Also, it helps me see things from another person’s perspective and  into other situations that I hadn’t encountered before.”

Plus, Seth admitted he knew he wanted to become a Reading Friend because of his love of reading, “I love reading, so much that I use to work at a library. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

Seth recognized when he was making a difference, ” Once, when my Reading Friend walked into the classroom and noticed me sitting at a desk, his face lit up completely. His mood changed from going into a normal day of school to getting to read with me!

“That really boosted my enthusiasm about being a Reading Friend.”