Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Totaro

This month’s VIPS Volunteer Spotlight nominee, Nick Totaro says:  ” The excitement, joy, and enthusiasm the students bring drives me to ask how our community can bring more resources, more opportunities, and more potential future success to these students.”

I am an Instructor at LSU in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering in the College of Engineering. I teach multiple undergraduate courses, advise the Biological Engineering Student Organization, and the Engineering Diversity Ambassadors student organization. My wife Rachel and I attend First United Methodist Church downtown and enjoy volunteering with Special Olympics State Games and Capital Area. I have been a VIPS volunteer for about 10 years as a Math Friend.

Volunteering has broadened my exposure and helped me recognize the impact I can have in the public school system in EBR Parish. The first time my VIPS Friend recognizes me and leads our sessions, either by grabbing math supplies or going to our designated area, I feel reassured that I am positively impacting his or her life.  Being in the schools, even for 30 minutes a week, you can see the students who may have difficulties at home, but show up every day to learn. We have made a routine of learning, and a fun one at that!


 View video of Nick working with his Math Friend