Programs & Services

Reading with kids


EveryBody Reads©

Individualized reading assistance for pre-k through second grade students who read below grade level. VIPS recruits, trains, and assigns volunteer Reading Friends in public schools to share the joy of reading and improve reading skills. Contact Tara Schoonover at or 225-226-4700.

EveryOne Counts©

Individualized math assistance for first, second and third graders who teachers have identified as lacking basic math skills. VIPS recruits, trains, and assigns volunteer Math Friends to serve in public schools tutoring students weekly throughout the school year. Contact


Text messaging and support program for parents of four-year olds to help prepare them for kindergarten.


Partners In Education

VIPS promotes community involvement in public schools by informing businesses, civic groups, and faith-based organizations of the needs of schools and the opportunities to make a difference. VIPS assists schools and community groups that seek to identify, build and sustain community partnerships. Contact Taylor Blanchard at or by telephone at 225-226-4700.

School Volunteer Management Services

VIPS trains community members to volunteer in public schools as well as trains school representatives to manage in-house volunteer programs. Contact Taylor Blanchard at or by telephone at 225-226-4700.

Volunteer Recognition Event

VIPS celebrates the contributions of community volunteers by planning and hosting the Annual Volunteer Picnic & Apple Awards.