Volunteer Spotlight

Christine Lipsey has been a VIPS Reading Friend since 2016. Throughout her time at Dufrocq Elementary, she has worked with students of various backgrounds but one thing remains constant, her love of helping students learn to read! 

This year, her student’s teacher said Christine has made a tremendous impact on her student:

“Mrs. Christine Lipsey has been awesome to work with over the years. She has a passion for helping the kids and each child she’s worked with has had measurable growth. She started with a student this year who didn’t like reading because he felt he couldn’t. He now enjoys reading and volunteers to do so often in class. She also provides him with books weekly. He is always so proud.”

Keep reading below to learn more about Christine.

How long have you been a Reading Friend and how did you first get involved with VIPS? 

I’ve been a Reading Friend since Jan. 2016. I read about VIPS. I had been a tutor in a different literacy program, and thought I’d like to try one affiliated with the EBR school system.

Tell us about your initial meeting with your student this year. How did it go?

My initial meeting went very well. My student was very motivated from the first day. His enthusiasm has never waned.

What skills has your student struggled with and how have you seen growth in his reading skills?

My student has struggled with fluency. I have to say, though, I felt like we had a breakthrough around January. He’s come a long way!

Tell us about your favorite moment with your student or when he made you the most proud this year.

I’ve had numerous favorite moments. He’s told me several times that he loves to read, and reads to a friend. He’s also said that he really enjoys our reading sessions. Nothing better than that!