EveryOne Counts Teacher Recommendation Form

Please be sure you have received a confirmation note once you have submitted this form. Your form has not be submitted until you receive your confirmation message.

Students' Names

In the box with their name, please also identify what they need assistance with: a. Number Recognition – put “N” b. Counting – put “C” c. Number Writing – put “W d. Addition- put a “A” e. Subtraction- put “S” f. Multiplication- put “M” g. Division- put “D”

Student Availability

Please include days and times when Reading Friend volunteers can work with the students you recommend. Allow at least ONE hour of availability for each day you select, and the more times you offer the more likely a volunteer will be able to select your student. Please remember to exclude lunch, recess, and ancillary times. EX. M-F: 10:00-11:30am; 1:00-2:00pm